Corem Earns Glencore Technology Certification for IsaMill Signature Plot Testing

We are pleased to announce a significant milestone for Corem as we proudly received certification from Glencore Technology for conducting the standard IsaMill Signature Plot Test. This certification stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and showcases our expertise in delivering top-tier services within the mining industry.

The IsaMill Signature Plot Test holds significant value as a benchmark for evaluating the requirements for fine grinding and regrinding processes in mineral processing due to its robust 1:1 scaleup from the laboratory to the mine site. This validation from Glencore solidifies Corem’s position, empowering us to provide comprehensive and dependable testing services to our esteemed clients. With this certification, our clients can rely on us for precise assessments and process optimization, ensuring enhanced operational efficiency and cost effectiveness.

At Corem, our dedication to innovation and excellence remains unyielding in serving the mining and metallurgical sectors. This recent certification further bolsters our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions and actively contributing to the success of our industry partners.

This achievement marks a pivotal moment for Corem, reflecting our continual pursuit of excellence and adherence to the highest industry standards. We are immensely proud of this recognition and are enthusiastic about the opportunities it brings to enhance our service offerings.

Join us in celebrating this milestone as we continue our journey, delivering exceptional services to our clients while maintaining our steadfast commitment to quality, innovation, and industry-leading standards. We would also like to congratulate Adrian Amariei, Mineral Processing Technician, for this successful certification.

Key Takeaways:
Industry Validation: Certification from Glencore Technology reaffirms Corem’s expertise and commitment to excellence.

Enhanced Service Offerings: The IsaMill Signature Plot Test certification empowers Corem to provide reliable and comprehensive testing services to its clients.

Commitment to Excellence: Corem remains dedicated to innovation, striving to deliver top-notch solutions in the mining and metallurgical sectors.

Stay tuned for further updates and insights as we progress on our journey of excellence!

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FLSmidth joins Corem just in time to participate in the most recent Precompetitive Research Committee meeting

Corem proudly announces the addition of FLSmidth to its roster of esteemed members. The synergy between Corem and FLSmidth allows for a wealth of advantages for both entities. By combining Corem’s industry-leading expertise with FLSmidth’s global reputation for excellence, the collaboration represents an opportunity to promote the advancement of innovative solutions, with the objective of improving competitiveness and reducing the environmental impact of the mining industry.

A Shared Vision:

At the heart of this collaboration is a shared vision for the future of the industry. Both Corem and FLSmidth are committed to pushing boundaries and advancing technologies that will shape the future of the mining industry. This alignment of values allows a collaboration that lays the foundation for sustained growth and mutual success.

Participation to the Precompetitive Research Committee (PRC):

The timing couldn’t be more perfect as FLSmidth joined Corem just in time to participate in the past Precompetitive Research Committee (PRC) meeting that was held from Wednesday, October 18th, to Thursday, October 19th, at Corem’s offices.

The PRC meeting serves as a platform for members of Coremto orient the pre-competitive research program, fostering an environment of knowledge exchange and collaboration. It’s an opportunity for industry leaders to share insights, expertise, and vision. With FLSmidth now an associated member of Corem, this past PRC gained an additional layer of expertise and perspective, which enriched the discussions and outcomes.

To find out more about FLSmidth, visit their website here.

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Bahrain Steel joins Corem as a new member

We are proud to announce the recent addition of Bahrain Steel as an operating member of Corem. This collaboration will undoubtedly bring many significant benefits to the industry, in addition to representing an opportunity for Corem to strengthen its international position as an innovation and research center in mineral processing.

A promising collaboration that supports innovation:

Bahrain Steel, a leading producer and global supplier of high-grade iron-ore pellets, is known for its commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability. Their experience and expertise in producing high-quality pellets for direct reduction and blast furnaces make them a key player in the industry.

By joining Corem as a member, Bahrain Steel strengthens its position towards research and development, while contributing to the advancement of the iron ore pelletizing industry. The collaboration between Corem and Bahrain Steel offers significant mutual benefits, and demonstrates an ongoing commitment to innovation, leading-edge research, and the sustainable development of the industry. To find out more about Bahrain Steel, please visit their official website here.

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Nomination of Sylvie Lévesque

Mr. Francis Fournier: President and CEO of COREM,

I am pleased to announce the nomination of Ms. Sylvie Levesque, as Deputy CEO of Corem. In this role, Ms. Levesque will be responsible for the overall management of the administrative, operational and innovation departments, alongside the directors assigned to these functions. She will also contribute to the strategic development of the organization, together with the President and CEO and the Board of Directors, in a context of transformation and opportunity.

Ms. Levesque holds a master’s degree in geology and is recognized for her vision, diversified expertise, accomplishments and leadership.

Ms. Levesque has worked successively in exploration and geological mapping for more than 6 years and in 1998, she started her career at Corem as a mineralogist and then as head of the mineralogical and chemical laboratories. In 2020, she took on the role of Executive Director of Operations.

She is highly involved in the mining industry by sitting on the Board of Directors of the Women In Mining Quebec Chapter and on the Executive Committee of the EM4 Center, for which she is the industry representative. Finally, for several years, she has organized geometallurgy sessions at conferences, notably the annual Xplor conference.

With her experience, and in complementarity with our teams, this nomination will allow Corem to pursue its mission to meet the challenges and opportunities present in a transforming ecosystem.

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3 energy reduction projects are evolving: Crush It challenges!

The mining sector has been recovering since 2017, but the competitiveness of the Canadian mining industry must continue to grow to attract investment. Process improvement is needed to maintain profitability in the short term.

The challenges of the environment, energy consumption and water use require the development of disruptive technologies. To do this, the mining industry must rely on the expertise of multidisciplinary teams, including innovation stakeholders, developing technological solutions more quickly. 

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