Corem is a non-profit expertise and innovation centre that offers mining corporations a range of specialized research services that help them develop and optimize key mineral processing.

Corem is working closely with its members, its clients and its partners to improve competitiveness and to reduce the environmental impact through innovative solutions.

COVID-19: Our project teams are hard at work and there for any inquires. You will be able to communicate with them via their usual contact details. We continue our activities remotely and within our facilities and guarantee a high level of service. This is in strict compliance with government health and safety guidelines.


Become a leader in your industry.
Trust us with your detailed project
in one or many of your respective
mining disciplines.

Services adapted to your reality.

Supported by our state of the art
installations and experts,
our services are taylored
to your needs

Why become a member?

For a mining company, becoming a member of COREM, allows the pooling of challenges, expertise and costs related to research and development.


A highly specialized team
working on  circuit and crusher optimization.


Extractive metallurgy

A multidisciplinary approach
to metal extraction.


Physical separation

A wide range of gravimetric, magnetic, and electrostaic seperation expertise.



A full range
of ore mineral



Our experts take a different approach to flottation


Pelletizing and thermal processes

A global reputation in iron ore processing and a recognized expertise in agglomeration and thermal processing.

Member benefits

Over $9 of concrete and sustainable benefits per $ invested

Become a member to pool :
R&D costs

Become a client :
For your specific or short term needs

Return on investment

Our members get concrete and sustainable benefits

You can count on our highly qualified team of experts and our 20 years of innovation in mineral processing to obtain concrete and sustainable benefits.

Metallurgical process performance

Diminished new
equipment purchase risks


Diminished water
and energy consumption

Reduced R&D costs

Diminished water
and energy consumption

Reduced operating costs

Investor confidence

Inovating through collaboration

Clients and partners from around the world

To optimize efforts in R&D and industrialization of innovative solutions, Corem works in close collaboration with mining corporations that are members and clients from around the world.

Along with the Canadian and Quebec governments that are our financial partners, many projects related to the improvement of competitiveness and the reduction of the environmental impact are led with our academic and private world partners.






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