Innovating while collaborating

Take advantages of bonds already forged by Corem

Numerous projects are in progress with world academic and private partners. Both Canadian and Quebec governments are also our partners.

Research partners

Advanced Sustainable Iron and Steelmaking Center (ASISC),
Houghton (United States)
AMIRA international, Melbourne (Australia)
CSIRO, (Australia)
Ressources naturelles Canada (CanmetMINES),
Ottawa (Ont., Canada)


Laval, Québec (Qc)
McGill, Montréal (Qc)
INRS-ETE, Québec (Qc)
Newcastle (Australia)
Western, London (Ont.)
Queen’s, kingston (Ont.)
Alberta, Edmonton (Alb.)
British-Columbia (UBC), Vancouver (B.-C.)

Research partners,
development and commercialization

Financial partners