Corem proudly announces the addition of FLSmidth to its roster of esteemed members. The synergy between Corem and FLSmidth allows for a wealth of advantages for both entities. By combining Corem’s industry-leading expertise with FLSmidth’s global reputation for excellence, the collaboration represents an opportunity to promote the advancement of innovative solutions, with the objective of improving competitiveness and reducing the environmental impact of the mining industry.

A Shared Vision:

At the heart of this collaboration is a shared vision for the future of the industry. Both Corem and FLSmidth are committed to pushing boundaries and advancing technologies that will shape the future of the mining industry. This alignment of values allows a collaboration that lays the foundation for sustained growth and mutual success.

Participation to the Precompetitive Research Committee (PRC):

The timing couldn’t be more perfect as FLSmidth joined Corem just in time to participate in the past Precompetitive Research Committee (PRC) meeting that was held from Wednesday, October 18th, to Thursday, October 19th, at Corem’s offices.

The PRC meeting serves as a platform for members of Coremto orient the pre-competitive research program, fostering an environment of knowledge exchange and collaboration. It’s an opportunity for industry leaders to share insights, expertise, and vision. With FLSmidth now an associated member of Corem, this past PRC gained an additional layer of expertise and perspective, which enriched the discussions and outcomes.

To find out more about FLSmidth, visit their website here.