Pre-competitive research

COREM is active in six research areas related to a variety of processes commonly used in the ore processing industry (comminution, physical separation, flotation, extractive metallurgy as well as pelletizing and thermal processes).

COREM’s members are deeply involved in the decision-making process that determines the orientation of the consortium’s R&D. This approach is aimed at ensuring that the pre-competitive research program remains relevant and that the needs of the members are prioritized. COREM’s Pre-competitive Research Committee establishes the priorities within each field of activities, selects projects and performs follow-up of these projects, and recommends re-orientation or termination of projects as needed.

Members benefit from a five-year exclusive right to implement new technologies developed by COREM in their member plants. In addition, the members also have access to all of the results of the pre-competitive research program. They are able to securely access these results through Members Area, this site's section reserved for them.

A COREM liaison officer is assigned to each member plant. The role of this officer is to facilitate the technology transfers and to identify, by means of an annual partnership report, the specific technological needs of the plant. The ultimate goal of the liaison activities is to provide members with an increasing volume of benefits stemming from the technological solutions developed by COREM.

After ten years of existence, COREM’s pre-competitive research program has now reached a significant level of maturity that includes a list of over thirty main technologies associated with nearly fifty enabling technologies. These technologies have reached maturity levels ranging from proof of concept to validation (in laboratory, pilot plant or industrial settings), to in some cases, industry implementation.