Pre-competitive Research Program Committee

One of COREM’s main assets is the sustained involvement of its members in the decision-making process that determines the orientations of the consortium’s R&D. This approach is aimed at ensuring that the pre-competitive research program remains relevant and that the needs of the members remain the first priority.

The Pre-competitive Research Committee consists of representatives from each member and reports to the Board of Directors. It establishes the priorities within each field of activities, selects projects, performs follow-up and recommends re-orientation or termination of projects as needed.

The Pre-Competitive Research Committee appoints champions for each project. The role of the champion is to support COREM researchers performing that specific project, to enrich research activities and to periodically report on the progress of the work to the Pre-Competitive Research Committee.

Current committee members are:

Patrice Nadeau (Chairman of the Committee)
Project Manager - Mineral Processing
Rio Tinto - Iron & Titanium

Simon-Pierre Blouin
Chief Metallurgist

Jean Chateauneuf
Chief Metallurgist
Canadian Malartic GP

Geneviève Couture
Chief Metallurgist, Concentrator
Glencore Canada - Raglan

Mark Furlotte
Chief Metallurgist
Glencore Canada - Matagami

Jérôme  Girard
Manager, Metallurgy 
IAMGOLD Corporation

Cory Hennessey
Superintendent, Process Engineering – Processing Operations
Iron Ore Company of Canada (IOC)

Denys Laplante
Ministère des Ressources naturelles
Gouvernement du Québec

Jean-Sébastien Marois

François Robichaud
Metallurgy Superintendant - Technical Services
Agnico Eagle 

Christian Rochefort
Senior metallurgical engineer, Technology Group
ArcelorMittal Mining Canada

Also seated on the pre-competitive committee, as observer: 

Tesfaye Negeri
Assistant interim manager – Applied Mineralogy and Metallurgical Processes
Natural Resources Canada (CanmetMines)