COREM is the largest organization in Canada totally devoted to mineral processing R/D. Recognized as a world-class organization, COREM provides a wide range of mineral processing and analytical services to companies that explore and develop ore bodies and transform or recycle mineral substances. Its highly qualified staff of more than 120 employees is able to carry out the most complex research projects, complete flow sheet development, pilot testing and ore characterisation for its members and all mining companies worldwide. Fields of expertise include :

  • Comminution;
  • Physical separation;
  • Flotation, extractive metallurgy;
  • Pelletizing;
  • Thermal processes;
  • Mineralogy.

COREM’s pilot plant is unique in Canada for its size and diversity of equipment. Its analysis and characterization laboratories have an impressive range of instruments (MLA, ICP, XRD, XRF, SEM, etc.). COREM is also an international leader in the development of iron ore products and processes including beneficiation, pelletizing and characterization.

The consortium, which was granted a pre-competitive research visa by the Government of Quebec, is composed of several mining companies and the Government of Quebec. It is directed by a Board of Directors composed of representatives of member companies, government and universities.

COREM began its activities on September 27, 1999, by transfer of assets from the Government of Quebec’s Centre de recherche minérale. To support the activities of its members, COREM now has a portfolio of nearly thirty innovative technologies demonstrated and validated at laboratory, pilot or industrial scale. These technologies are applicable to different processes used in the industry (comminution, physical separation, flotation, extractive metallurgy, pelletizing and thermal processes) and have been developed within the framework of the pre-competitive research program, whose activities are supervised by the Pre-competitive Research Committee.

COREM has equipment and facilities worth more than $25 million, including an especially well-equipped 5,300 m2 pilot plant enabling the reproduction, at reduced scale, of most processes used in industry, a pyrometallurgical laboratory (ISO 9001:2008) and an analytical services laboratory (ISO 17025:2005). 

In addition, over the years COREM has built a collaborative network with several universities and research centers in Quebec, Canada and abroad.